The Evolution of Period Supplies.


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Before the late 1800s, there were no commercial supplies available for women to use during menstruation. Ladies were on their own, and were resourceful in using household items such as rags, sponges, and even embraced free bleeding.  However, in 1896, the first commercial pad was available on the market, known as "Lister's Towels," however, this failed because the product was too extreme for the prudish culture.

The next commercial available product was a rubber lined apron that had over the shoulder straps, and covered the backside of dresses, covering period blood if it happened to get on the dress.  These "Sanitary Aprons" were available in catalogues for women to order and receive by mail. 

In 1923, Kotex introduced the first successful sanitary napkin that was inexpensive enough to throw away after each use.  Part of their marketing campaign was to change "sanitary napkin" to "Kotex" in order to avoid embarrassment, and allow discreetness, when requesting the needed supplies in drug stores.   Throughout the years pads were secured with belts, safety pins, and currently adhesive strips.  

In 1931, a patent for the design of Tampax was granted, and the design is still in use today.  Tampons were made by a single woman on her sewing machine at home, and were sold in drugstores everywhere.


Additional supplies that have been invented over the years for the menstruating woman include tampons in different sizes, pads in different thickness, menstrual cups, and period panties.  Period supplies have come along way from pieces of sponges to now, but periods are still a once a month inconvenience for the modern go-getter girl on the go.  Women will spend over 6 years total time menstruating, will buy 9,120 tampons, and 2,280 pads.

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